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At Sky High, we have redefined Dodgeball. One game and you'll be hooked. Have fun with the "Air Attack" or the "Bounce, Twist and Dodge". Bring your friends or join a pickup game that's in progress. The old game of Dodgeball may have been a blast, but this new style will knock you off your feet, literally.

Tournaments held at the beginning of each month.

Individual Sign Ups, Teams Selected by Management

Next Tournament: August 4th 2013

Upcoming Tournament: SEPTEMBER 1st 2013, October 6th, 2013

Do you have what it takes to compete at this level?

Sign up for our next Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament!  Price includes game, plus 3 hours of free jumping (until tournament ends).  Prizes for 1st place (and 2nd place with enough teams signed up).

$10 per person individual sign ups.

**All players need to be signed up and pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance**
Call (916) 853-JUMP (5867) or come by to sign up

August Tournament Winner - The Dirty Girlz

The Dirty Girlz

2nd Place- Slice N Dice

(Not Pictured)


Returning champs The Dirty Girlz had their work cut out for them, with old time competitors Slice 'n dice and new comers Da Squad both hungry for the prize money and the bragging rights.  Da Squad started by beating the Luchadores. Slice'n Dice took down the Purple Cobras, and Dirty Girlz walked through Slammers. Slice'n Dice next faced Dirty Girlz, where both teams were playing smart and with great intensity. By the end of the round Slice'n Dice were sent to the looser bracket and forced to fight their way back to the top. Da Squad was the next to face Dirty Girlz and they undertook the same fate. Da Squad faced Slice'n Dice in the semi finals which resulted in Da Squad going home, and Slice'n Dice facing Dirty Girlz in the finals. The intensity from their last encounter had doubled, neither would be satisfied with anything less than first place. Both teams played amazingly but the defending champions will remain the champions, at least for another month. good job to all teams who played and we hope to see you next time
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